Artist Profile | Flashes of listening silence

‘Flashes of listening silence’

Her patient photographic eye and meticulous way of printing, brings images to light in which the viewer can capture a glimpse of intense moments. These are recording of attentive quietness, flashes of listening silence,” writes Sybrandt van Keulen about her work. Van Keulen is associated with the Chairing Committee of the Philosophy of Art and Culture from the University of Amsterdam. According to Van Keulen, Paula’s work invites just as much attention for another as attention from another. ‘It is a focus on the mutual bond between people. It seems as if she wants to say that in order to exist, you need to have mutual trust, an inexhaustible source of security. A source which can be found very close by from which we constantly draw upon in order to exist; a force which affects the things around us. In order to come into contact with that which supports and contains our world and all the things around us – be it earth, water or spirit – attention is required. This attention can be focused inwardly and away from everything.’ Yet, in this photographic work, one can still find something which is not so remote from ordinary life, says Van Keulen. ‘Amid everyday events, they take perpetual pauses, moments of reflection’

‘Flashes of listening silence’ by Sybrandt van Keulen.