Culinair Lint Nieuw&Meer 2008

Culinair Lint Nieuw&Meer 2008

Manifesto about pleasure and discomfort in art.

On the occasion of its 20th anniversary, Nieuw & Meer organized the art event ‘Een Culinair Lint’ on June 21st 2008

Culinair Lint Nieuw&Meer 2008



Pictura Dordrecht 'photo project'


De Grote Portretten Galerij 2018

100 residents from Dordrecht participate in The Great Portraits Gallery. The contemporary Ode that Pictura wants to bring to the Synod.

With 100 portraits ‘in all possible styles’ of 100 inhabitants of Dordrecht by 100 Artists.

Inspired by the fact that the participants of the Synod had themselves portrayed at the time a hundred years ago.

Pictura wanted to make a time document how people think about the portrait in 2018.